UN Agenda 2030 & SDGs

Sustainable Development for the planet, people and prosperity, is a major subject that requires a lot of attention from the EU. The 2030 UN Agenda focuses on solving crucial matters that require attention, aiming at improving major issues.

The UN Agenda 2030 focuses on matters like Poverty, Good Health and Well-Being, Zero Hunger and many more.

The goals that have been set are a blueprint that will be used to achieve a better and much more sustainable future for everyone. Addressing these global challenges is not easy. On a daily basis, we face more and more challenges and the Agenda is one of the most effective ways to solve the problems.

Of course, the EU is also taking action through the implementation of many other projects, such as the European projects implemented under big financial frameworks.

One such project is the EIIE project implemented under the Erasmus+ umbrella. The EIIE project is resulting from the current global challenges & local young needs. Advances in terms of human development have been uneven and deep challenges remain: many young people experiencing discrimination, limited political inclusion, high levels of poverty, limited access to health systems, educational opportunities & decent jobs.

Young people are at the front-line of the impacts of unsustainable models due to their marginalization and higher vulnerability. Young people need to learn, acquire competence to build inclusive sustainable models of development. They need to shape the vision of the future to create it.

Locally, young people are affected by the lack of opportunity by the society & labor market, they lack knowledge and need to develop skills about sustainable methods of development. EllE project aims to foster participation and cooperation of young people for sustainable development in the three peninsulas of South Europe through youth empowerment, fostering inclusive development and building resilient communities and nations.t